ABLIANCE masters essential technologies to develop and produce antibodies.

Our team closely works with research laboratories, diagnostic industry, actors of clinical research and biopharmaceutical industry to understand the needs associated with each application, its regulatory environment and economic constraints.

Solutions for in vitro diagnostic reagents

  • Anti-immunoglobulines antibodies
  • Specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development
  • n vitro production of antibody batches
  • Purification, conjugation, fragmentation
  • Cell banking of antibody-producing cell lines

Innovative services for new therapeutic antibodies development

  • Development of antibodies against new targets
  • Production of antibody batches for preclinical studies in vitro and with animals

Antibodies that perform for basic and clinical research

  • Validated ready-to-use antibodies
  • Development of polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies that perform in the targeted application
  • In vitro production of antibody batches for clinical chemistry assays involved in patient monitoring during clinical trials
  • Antibody modification and characterization (conjugation, fragmentation, …)