Monoclonal antibody production

Would you like to assess the productivity of a cell line and the quality of the antibodies before negotiating a license contract or developing a test?

Would you like to anticipate the regulations on animal experimentation?

Would you like to meet your growing needs for antibodies?

Input Data

ABLIANCE manages every cell line producing Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb):

  • Hybridomas;
  • Eukaryote recombinant lines (CHO, NSO, BHK21, etc.);

Whatever the technical data available and the cell state: Frozen (tubes, straws or other) or in culture.


ABLIANCE technology platform makes it possible to adapt the production process to the specifications and the technical features of the lines.

In addition to the standard production systems (dishes, roller bottles, bags, fermenters, spinner flasks, etc.), ABLIANCE is a specialist in dialysis production systems. This technology makes it possible to achieve a high antibody concentration rate (comparable to the one of ascites). The low rate of contaminating proteins simplifies and improves the purification.

Our tools allow for the production of batches as small as a few milligrams to batches exceeding 100g.


During the first management of a cell line, ABLIANCE performs an Assessment Phase. This phase is essential to evaluate the behavior of the cell line in culture and its productivity.

The specifications for this step shall be adapted to the objectives you would like to achieve and make it possible to include, if necessary:

  • An adaptation to specific media, for example free of fetal bovine serum or free of protein;
  • The comparison of the cell culture and the productivity in several systems (dialysis, batch, etc.);
  • The development of a purification protocol (protein A, affinity, ion exchanges, gel filtrations, etc);
  • The creation and security of cell banks certified mycoplasm-free.

You validate the results achieved on the basis of the control of supplied samples and the progress report.

At the close of this phase, ABLIANCE agrees to a price of antibodies per mg (purified or not) for all subsequent production. Therefore you are informed of the production costs of the antibodies and do not support the technical risks any longer.

According to your needs, you can order the required quantities of antibodies from ABLIANCE without committing yourself or with the possibility to subscribe.


The technical data (planning, material, methods, and control results) of each evaluation phase or production phase are summarized in a progress report sent to the client.

All products and sub-products of our services (cells, supernatants, antibodies) as well as the specific technical data shall remain the exclusive property of the client and never be used by ABLIANCE for other purposes. The antibodies produced beyond the ordered quantities shall be sold to the client or destroyed when the latter does not wish to purchase them.