Cell banking and cell line maintenance - Cell banking

Your cell lines represent a large share of your intellectual property, and are often the results of months or years of development.

Their loss may have serious consequences to your business.

We have the solution for safe storage of your hybridomas.

Input Data

The solution provided by ABLIANCE is designed to organize the safe storage of antibody-producing cell lines.

Our service makes it possible to entirely outsource the storage and management of your lines: You no longer have to maintain storage facilities, to manage traceability, to have staff dedicated to their safety. You can serenely focus on your core business.

Our storage may also be used as backup storage, if you already have a safe internal management of your lines. We are entrusted with a reduced number of tubes that you can retrieve anytime when necessary.


Storage is organized on two distinct geographical locations: The site of ABLIANCE in Compiègne and the site of the Biobanque de Picardie in Amiens. The lines may be divided to allow for the recovery of enough material to recreate cell banks in the case of a serious event (destruction of one of the storage sites).

On each site, the cells are stored in a container dedicated to the storage of hybridomas and belonging to ABLIANCE . Only authorized personnel can handle the lines.

Every cell stock movement shall be recorded twice: On the “paper” logs and in a computer database. This system allows for safe and thorough traceability of the lines.

We decide together the operations to be performed on the lines being stored:

  • None, only incoming and outgoing movements at your request
  • Viability controls on a regular basis (recommended every 18-24 months)
  • Productivity controls (thawing, culturing, control of the Ig rate in the supernatant and mailing of a sample)
  • Recreation of banks: If the tube stock lowers to a certain threshold, we will inform you and offer to create a new bank.
  • Antibody production: We ensure the production of your antibodies on a regular basis and at a rate set in advance.


The line safety service is subject to an open-ended contract.

The contract clearly states that the cells are your property and that ABLIANCE cannot use them under any circumstances.

Upon receipt of the cells, they are stored on 1 or 2 sites (your choice) and recorded in our logbooks. You shall then receive the first storage report.


At any time, upon your request, you can receive a storage report. Reports are also sent with each quarterly invoice.

The report includes two statuses:

  • The updated remainder of the cells per storage site
  • The history of the movements in the bank

The management of your lines is fully open and remains under your control.

At any time you can request to have all or part of the banks returned.


The cost of the contract depends on the size of the entrusted banks. The rate trend shall be set by contract: No bad surprises over time!

Payments take place in three steps:

  • A flat rate by cell line for the admission to a bank and for the file creation.
  • A quarterly payment of the storage according to the number of cell lines and the total number of tubes.
  • The payment of each optional service: Control, productions, etc.

For example, the cost (the admission flat rate excluded) for the storage of 3 cell lines of 20 tubes each (i.e. 60 tubes in total) is about €78/month… the price to pay for peace of mind is not so high!

Antibody-producing cell lines maintenance

Contamination, cell line drift, growth issues?
ABLIANCE diagnoses and treats your cell lines to ensure an optimal antibody production.
Mycoplasma test, sterility control, viability control, secretion test, … lead to a customized treatment: mycoplasma eradication, boost, cloning, culture media adaptation.

Mycoplasma testing and removal service

ABLIANCE daily manages antibody-producing cell lines.

We test your supernatant sample or your cell banks from frozen vials.

I your cell banks are contaminated by mycoplasma, we propose an adapted removal program.