Monoclonal antibody development

You cannot find any antibodies meeting your needs on the market?
Do you want to develop your own antibodies and control their industrial property?
Do you want to find an antibody with specific properties?

Input Data

We work from:

  • An idea: “I would like antibodies that make it possible to create a test detecting such a parameter.”
  • Formalized specifications: Definition of the antigen and the expected properties for the antibodies
  • A project already in progress: “I produced the antigen, immunized the mice but I do not/no longer have the technical resources required to continue.”


ABLIANCE team has worked on the development of monoclonal antibodies since the 1980s. The technologies implemented reflect the expertise based on many years of experience.
To have the capacity to manage a growing number of projects and provide original solutions, Abliance works on ongoing improvment of the processes.


Each project lasts between 4 to 12 months and is organized according to several steps:

1. Definition of the specifications and programme

2. Realization:

  • Preparation of the immunogen and screening test
  • Immunizations
  • Fusion, screening
  • Cloning, screening
  • Pilot production and preparation of banks

3. Final validation

Each step is described in a technical progress report that is usually sent with samples.
The first definition step, like the validation steps, is fundamental for the good management of the programme. On this basis, you can continue, stop or adjust the programme according the results achieved.


ABLIANCE manages projects with full confidentiality and strict respect of the client’s industrial property.

At the close of the project, ABLIANCE shall deliver:

  • The cell banks (from 2 to 5 clones on average)
  • All the products from the service (supernatants, purified antibodies, etc.)
  • A service report including all the technical data related to the project.


A quotation is drawn up for each project studied and shall be adapted to individual technical considerations. Following an initial free technical meeting making it possible to write a preliminary study of the needs, a quotation shall be sent to the client.
In the event of difficulties or a programme interruption, the steps performed by ABLIANCE are the only ones charged to the client.